Completed an offer but didn’t get your Robux? Check this out!

Completed an offer but didn’t get your Robux? Follow this guide to get your ROBUX!

List 1

1. Click "Support" in the top corner. 

2. Press Contact beside the survey you didn’t get your Robux for.

3. Fill the form with REAL information and press “Submit” at the bottom.

 List 2

Unfortunately, this Ad-Wall DOES NOT HAVE SUPPORT. This means that we cannot help you with any issues on this Ad-Wall, although you can always take a picture of the completed offer and send it to one of our agents and they will decide whether you get rewarded or not.  

List 3

1. Click on the "Support” in the top right corner.

2. Click on "Missing Points?” beside the survey that you did not reward you.

3. Fill in this form with correct information and press the “Submit support ticket” at the bottom.


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